The Three R’s


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The challenge this week was to talk about the environment.

The First R- Reduce

Things you could do to reduce…

  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
  • Turn off the water when you wash dishes
  • Use plastic cups that you can wash instead of throwing paper cups in landfills
  • Take shorter showers

The Second R- Reuse

Things you can do to reduce…

  • Use a thermos  instead of plastic bottles
  • Don’t use paper plates that often- use plates that can be washed
  • Don’t use paper cups that ofter- use cups that can be washed

The Third R- Recycle

Things you can do to recycle…

  • Recycle old plastic bottles, cans, and glass bottles
  • Drop old papers in a recycling bin

What can you do to help the Earth?????

2 thoughts on “The Three R’s

  1. Hi erica
    You’ve come up with some great ways to reduse, re-use and recycle for your post.
    In my classroom we re-use the back of old worksheets for scrap paper and then put them in the recycling bin so that the paper can be made into paper again!
    We also refill our plastic water bottles so that we don’t throw them out and use new ones.
    Your ideas for reducing water waste are great – we will have to try these too 🙂

    An important question tho – WHY do we need to do these things? Do you think that you can make a difference?



  2. Hey Erica, I love your ideas. We should get together to help promote the Three R’s or something, ahaha. I resuse paper, and I always recycle at school. Keep up the great work!


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